St. Annes Episcopal Church Streaming and Digital Mixer System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    September 2020 - Abington, PA

  • Category

    Houses of Worship, Streaming Systems

System Requirements

St. Annes Episcopal Church, located in Abington, PA, needed the ability to stream their services in a simple and professional way..  They wanted a PTZ camera to capture various shots of the sanctuary as well a the rear of the Church.  The system also had to stream audio and video to several TVs throughout the Church used for overflow.

System Design

Our design team lead with the PTZOptics camera due to our extensive experience with them, as well as the performance and features of the cameras.  We used a 30X zoom camera, which allows for a closer zoom to the front.  Our installation team ran a wired internet connection from the Church’s router to the streaming laptop as well as an audio line out from the mixer so we had a clean audio feed from the sound system.  The system also includes an ambient sound pickup microphone so we can pick up the organ, choir and people singing. 

Equipment list:

  • One (1) PTZOptics pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera installed in the back of the Church
  • QSC TouchMix8 digital mixer
  • Shure boundary microphone
  • Petit HDMI RF modulator coaxial modulator system


The new streaming system is easily operated from an iPad or laptop and allows the congregation to remotely watch services.   With the direct audio feed from the sound system, there is clear sound from all of the microphones.  The added ambient sound microphone picks up the organ, choir, and people in the pews for a full sound for people watching remotely.

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