Sharrott Winery Audio System

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  • Construction Date

    November 2020

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System Requirements

Sharrott Winery, located in Hammonton, NJ consists of a large, open space building with a tasting area, a large seating area with a small stage, as well as a covered and open outdoor patio area.  Music is played throughout the zones, and on weekends, musicians will perform and will connect to their sound system.  The existing system had issues with volume levels, distortion, and to control each area required a staff member to walk around to various volume controls.  A simple, wireless audio control solution was needed for the staff so they can switch between house music and musicians and adjust the level in any zone.

System Design

We selected the QSC MP-M audio processor which allows multiple sources to be routed to different zones with a simple iPad or phone app.  The simplicity and flexibility of this product made it the ideal choice for the wireless control solution and was easy to integrate with the existing wiring and hardware.

QSC MP Audio Processor

We cleaned up the wiring and installed the new processor programming it to three zones and setting the level controls on the iPad.


The new winery audio system allows for wireless audio control inside or outside and with the push of one button, they can switch the music source for the entire space.

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