Paulsboro High School Gym Sound System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    October 2020

  • Category

    Athletic Venues, Gymnasiums

System Requirements

The existing gym sound system at Paulsboro High School has two older pendant loudspeakers hanging with a very basic amplifier.  The system did not provide adequate coverage, or level and often would fail during events.  The new system had to provide intelligible sound throughout the gym, with a remote power switch and connection plate since the equipment closet is often locked.

System Design

Our design team went with a center cluster of QSC loudspeakers to keep the system budget-friendly, without sacrificing quality.  The gym’s acoustics were good compared to most gyms so this layout worked especially well.  We installed a locking metal box for the remote power switch and audio input plate which provide a secured location.

Equipment list:

Four QSC AD-S12 Loudspeakers

One Crown XTi4002 amplifier

Shure BLX-R Wireless Microphones

Furman Power Conditioner


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