Hedding United Methodist Streaming System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    October 2020

  • Category

    Houses of Worship, Streaming Systems

System Requirements

Hedding United Methodist had a temporary streaming system to broadcast services and was looking for permanently mounted cameras with a controller and an audio feed from their sound system.  They wanted two cameras two capture various angles and have the ability to cut between shots.  The current setup was on a tripod in the front of the Church with cables all over the floor.  They wanted a permanent setup in the back of the Church, so the system can be easily controlled and was always ready to go.

System Design

Our design team lead with the PTZOptics cameras due to our extensive experience with them, as well as the performance and features of the cameras.  On the back wall, we used a 20X zoom camera, which allows for a closer zoom to the front.  On the side wall, we used a 12X zoom which has a wider lens and is ideal for closer shots.  Our installation team ran a wired internet connection from the Church’s router to the streaming laptop as well as an audio line out from the mixer so we had a clean audio feed from the sound system.

Equipment list:


The new streaming system blends seamlessly with the Church and provides multiples angles of the entire sanctuary.  There are no more wires laying on the floor and the system can be easily operated from the back of the Church.  With the direct audio feed from the sound system, there is clear sound from all of the microphones.


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