Weight Room Audio System – Haddon Heights High School

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    July 2019

  • Category

    Athletic Venues, Weight/Fitness Room

System Requirements

Haddon Heights High School needed a permanently installed weight room audio system that could be used by staff and students.  They were previously using a boombox which did not work well, so the new system had to be easy to use and provide even audio coverage.

System Design

We took measurements of the weight room and discussed possible loudspeaker mounting points with the athletic director.  From this, we came up with a simple design of four loudspeakers mounted along the wall.  We used large passive Mackie loudspeakers, mounted on custom yoke brackets.  These are both cost-effective and provide good bass, which is a critical feature for sound systems in weight rooms.

Equipment list:

  • Four Mackie passive loudspeakers
  • One Crown amplifier
  • Simple Rolls mixer with input for phone or laptop.


The new weight room audio system provides clear sound with good bass and is simple to use.

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