Mudhen Brewing Outdoor Dining Audio System

Project Info

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    Hospitality, Bar/Restaurant

System Requirements

Mudhen Brewing, located in Wildwood, NJ, expanded its outside dining area to accommodate more guests.  With this expansion, there was a need for an outdoor dining audio system that connected to the existing inside system for guests dining in this expanded area.  They also needed a way to control the level separately from the patio and inside.

System Design

With outdoor dining audio systems, we need to take into account many factors.  We evaluated the size of the dining area, possible mounting locations as well as nearby neighbors.  We determined that landscape loudspeakers within the mulch would provide the best sound while blending in with the shrubbery.

Equipment list:

  • Six (6) down-firing landscape loudspeakers
  • Atlas volume control in an outdoor box.
  • Direct burial loudspeaker cable.


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