Passaic County Technical Institute Stadium Sound System

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    Athletic Venues, Stadiums

System Requirements

The Passiac County Technical Institute was in need of a new stadium sound system which could be used for gym classes, pep rallies, and football games.  The existing system was poorly designed and did not perform well.  This required a portable system for events, which was a hassle to set up and didn’t provide enough coverage or level.

System Design

The system had to provide high-level sound for the entire stadium without using the light poles as a mounting point.  Since we were limited to the press box only, we chose Danely Sound Lab’s OS80s for the main left, right and center loudspeakers.  The field coverage, center loudspeaker was mounted on the corner to keep the line of sight clear on the press box roof.  Two outdoor Danley GO2CX cabinets provide sound for guests in front of the press box.  To provide additional low-frequency, two Danely OS115s were mounted to the front of the pressbox fence.


The new sound system has been well received as it is simple to use with flexible modes and provides outstanding sound quality for the entire stadium.