Princeton University Press Sound Masking

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    March 2019

  • Category

    Sound Masking

System Requirements

Princeton University Press had a need to maintain the openness of the offices and meeting spaces while reducing distractions and increasing speech privacy.  We provided them with a demo on-site to let them hear how sound masking could help them with speech privacy.  After a successful demo proving the concept of masking in their space, we installed a new Cambridge Sound Management System.  The system had to be designed to allow for varying levels since each area had a different layout and ceiling height.

System Design

Cambridge Sound Management QT-600 – 6 Zone processor.  This multi-output unit will allow for expansion to other areas of the buildings as they grow their sound masking system.

Cambridge Sound Management QT Emitters

These emitters deliver four uncorrelated audio channels, which provide uniform, unobtrusive masking. This feature, along with plug and play installation and easy configuration capability, make Qt® systems the most intelligently engineered and most effective sound masking systems on the market today for reducing noise distractions and protecting speech privacy.


The new Cambridge Sound Management system has reduced distractions within the installed areas and allows staff to focus on their work better.  The system is set to ramp up in the morning hours, and ramp-down during the evening hours and is able to be remotely adjusted by our staff if needed.

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