Ocean Road Elementary School Cafeteria Sound System

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  • Construction Date

    July 2010

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System Requirements

The Ocean Road Elementary School, located in Point Pleasant, NJ, needed a new sound system for their cafeteria.  The ‘cafetorium”, as it is referred to is not only used for lunches, but for performances and board of education meetings.  A new sound system was needed to provide a PA system for daily lunches, as well as high-quality speech and music reinforcement for the school’s choir and musical performances. 

System Design

After a successful demo of Community Loudspeaker’s ENTASYS columns, a double stack pair was installed on each side of the stage.  These columns provide even coverage from the front to the back of the room as well as high gain before feedback, which is very helpful for the board of education meetings.  A pair of subwoofers were mounted to the wall with custom brackets to keep them off the floor.  The system is powered by Crown amplifiers with Shure SLX wireless microphones and a Soundcraft mixing console.


The new sound system is used daily and provides outstanding intelligibility with full-range performance.