Glen Landing Middle School Sound System

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    Blackwood, NJ

System Requirements

Glen Landing Middle School, located in Blackwood, NJ was in need new sound system for their cafeteria, which also served as the school’s performance space.  The existing sound system was pieced together over many years and did not provide adequate coverage or quality.

Equipped with a stage, and hard floors, the new school sound system had to provide high-quality sound while taking into account the room’s acoustics.

There were numerous complaints about coverage, quality, and the ability for the system to handle large performances.

System Design

Laser measurements were taken of the entire room, noting where chairs are set up as well as potential mounting points for the new loudspeakers.  Using a sound system modeling program, we designed a system using Community’s i-Series loudspeakers.  We selected the optimal pattern to provide coverage for the entire space.  A digital processor with a touch screen was installed so the system can be used without setting up the mixing console, making it easy to use for lunches and faculty meetings.  For performances, the digital mixing console can be set up on stage, or in the back of the room.  Wireless iPad control is also available for the system.

Equipment list:

Community I-series loudspeakers

Community ALC-1604 amplifier

Allen & Heath QU24 digital mixing console with digital snake

Audix MB 8450 and MB  choir microphones

RF Venue D-Fin antenna


The new school sound system has been used for a holiday performance and for an assembly and has been a major improvement for students, staff, and guests.

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