Green Valley Country Club Ballroom Sound System

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  • Construction Date

    January 2020

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System Requirements

Green Valley Country Club needed to upgrade its ballroom sound system to enhance control, connectivity, and replace some aging equipment.  They wanted to centralize control, in areas where staff could easily access the system functions without having to enter the event area.  The current system had analog controls in hard to access areas, and the rack was undersized for the equipment, leaving wires hanging and components sticking out.  The existing wireless microphones all dropped out often due to a lack of proper antenna distribution.

System Design

Parts of the ballroom sound system still worked, such as the loudspeakers.  We determined the existing rack needed to be replaced with a deeper model, that allowed us to properly install and manage the new audio/video equipment.  Touch screens needed for simple, graphics-based control.

Equipment list:


Shure BLX Wireless Microphones

Lab Gruppen E-series amplifier

RF Venue Antenna Distro

Middle Atlantic Equipment Rack


The new ballroom sound system provides better control with the ability to easily combine spaces.  The wireless microphones work throughout the ballroom and bar area with no dropouts.

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