Williamstown High School Weight Room Audio/Video System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    December 2020

  • Category

    Athletic Venues, Weight/Fitness Room

System Requirements

The weight room audio/video system for Williamstown School‘s weight room had to provide high-quality audio and easy video playback.  Located in Williamstown, NJ – the school features full-size weight and fitness room located in the athletic wing, next to their gymnasium.

System Design

Our design team took measurements of the room to determine the best loudspeaker layout.  We reviewed connection locations with the schools, as well as the rack location.

We installed three surface-mount loudspeakers on the wall that provide coverage for the entire weight room.  A simple input plate allows athletes and staff the ability to plug in a phone or laptop, and a Bluetooth receiver provide wireless audio streaming.

Equipment list:

QSC AD-S10 loudspeakers

Crown XTi-series amplifier

Roll Mixer

Bluetooth audio receiver


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