Wall Intermediate School Auditorium Sound System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    May 2019

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System Requirements

The existing sound system in the Wall Intermediate School’s auditorium lacked coverage and clarity. Due to the position of the existing loudspeakers being over the stage, there was an issue of feedback.  Additionally, the controls were located on stage so there was no way of mixing the sound from within the audience area.

The new school auditorium sound system had to cover the seats, which are laid out in a 180 degree, raked circle.  Additionally, controls needed to be in the back of the auditorium with additional connectivity.

System Design

Using EASE Focus, we designed a QSC-based loudspeaker system utilizing their `AD-S12 cabinets.  An AD-S8 was added as a foldback monitor for the stage.

Featured Equipment:

  • QSC AD-12 loudspeakers for the audience seating.
  • QSC AD-S8 loudspeaker as a foldback monitor for the stage.
  • QSC CXD4.5 amplifier.
  • QSC TouchMix30 digital mixer with iPad control.
  • Shure BLX-R handheld wireless microphone.
  • Two 8X4 Rapco snakes, one each installed on each side of the stage.


The new auditorium sound system has improved coverage and sound quality. Assemblies, performances, and monthly board meetings have all benefited from this.