Shawnee High School Gym Sound System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    May 2014 - Medford, NJ

  • Category

    Athletic Venues, Gymnasiums

System Requirements

After upgrading the stadium sound system, Shawnee High School had us design a new system for the gymnasium.  The system had to provide high-level, and even coverage for the bleachers and floor/court.  Additionally, the system has to tie into the building PA for announcements.

System Design

Equipment list:

(8) Community R.5-94TZ loudspeakers for the bleachers

(8) Community R.5-99COAX loudspeakers for the floor/court

(1) Rane HAL DSP for processing and control

(2) Crown CDi 4000 Amplifiers

(2) Crown XTi 4002 Amplifiers


The new sound provides high-level, even coverage throughout the gymnasium with plenty of headroom and paging interface with the building PA.

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