Robert’s Place Video System – Martgate, NJ

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    May 2019

  • Category

    Bar/Restaurant, Hospitality

System Requirements

Robert’s Place, located in Margate, NJ needed to upgrade the control and distribution of their video system.  As it stood, the staff would have to go around to each TV to turn it on or off, as well as change the channel.  We designed a solution that allowed for control of all displays from a single iPad.

System Design

Equipment list:

(1) Atlona Velocity Control System

(1) Atlona IP to IR converters for cable and DirecTV boxes.

(1) RDL mixer to connect cable box and DirectTV box into the existing audio system


The new control system allows the staff the ability to control any TV from the iPad without having to walk around and aiming remote at various boxes.  This keeps the bartenders behind the bar and allows a simple request from a customer, such as a channel change, to be completed within a few seconds.

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