Salem Middle School Auditorium Sound System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    April 2024

  • Category

    Education, Theaters/Auditoriums

System Requirements

Salem Middle School was using a portable sound system for events and shows and was looking to have a permanent sound system installed to provide a high quality audio experience by staff, students, and guests.

System Design

Our certified design team took 360 photos and measurements of the room and created a model as a proof of concept to ensure the positioning of the proposed loudspeakers would cover the entire room.  Since there was not a room or booth to house a mixing console, a rack-mount digital mixer that can be controlled by an iPad was proposed.

Featured Equipment:

    • JBL CBT column line array loudspeakers.
    • JBL SB2210 subwoofers
    • Allen & Heath QuPac digital mixer
    • LEA CS704 digital amplifier
    • Shure BLX-R wireless microphones


The new sound system sounds great, and has been a welcome addition to students, staff, and guests.  Every seat has great audio quality, and the digital mixer allows staff the ability to program presets and save settings.

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