Primal Cape May Restaurant Sound System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    March 2021

  • Category

    Hospitality, Bar/Restaurant

System Requirements

Primal Restaurant Cape May opened in 2021 on the beach in downtown Cape May, NJ.  They needed a new sound system for their restaurant that would provide good audio levels throughout the seating areas, as well as the main front and back beach entrance.  The outdoor loudspeakers had to be able to withstand the salt air and direct exposure to the elements.

System Design

Our design team took a floor plan of the space to create an ideal restaurant sound system layout with loudspeakers in various zones for the best coverage.  We selected a series from JBL which have good full-range sound, even at low levels.  Local volume controls allow the staff to easily adjust the levels as needed.

Featured Equipment:


The new restaurant sound system is easy to use and sounds great.  Guests can enjoy nice background music without having to talk over the audio.

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