Manville High School Gymnasium Sound System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    March 2021

  • Category

    Athletic Venues, Gymnasiums

System Requirements

Manville High School, located in Manville, NJ needed a new gym sound system that could handle high speech and music levels, and provide clear sound for the entire space.  The school had several sound systems installed over the years, which did not work well in the space.

System Design

Our commercial audio-video design team took laser measurements of the gymnasium to create a 3D model for a loudspeaker layout.  We took into account coverage for the floor and court, as well as the bleachers.  When designing a gymnasium sound system, we also consider the acoustics and mounting points.  We came up with a layout of loudspeakers to provide coverage for both sets of bleachers, and the floor so everyone could hear clearly.  The school needed a simple interface, so we provided an 8″ touch screen with a custom layout to control the microphones and music.  We also programmed the building PA into the system, so when announcements are made, the system will lower the audio so everyone can hear.

Featured Equipment:


The new sound system provides even coverage, great sound quality and is extremely easy to use.  Regardless of where you are seated or standing, you have crystal clear audio.

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