Immaculata University Stadium Sound System

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System Requirements

The Immaculata University stadium sound needed an upgrade to the sound system.  Most of the main loudspeakers were blown and the overall system operation was complicated.  With a short timeline, a new loudspeaker was needed to provide sound for the entire stadium while simplifying the operation.  Prior to our involvement, users needed access to an amplifier closet where they had to manually turn on a rack full of amplifiers.

System Design

Using EASE focus, we verified that using the existing poles would cover the stadium as intended.  We added a Furman sequencer system with a remote power switch in the press box allowed for powering the downstairs amplifier rack from within the press box.

Featured Equipment
  • Community R.5MAX loudspeakers mounted on the poles
  • Community R.35-3896 loudspeaker on the front of the pressbox
  • Community ALC-1604 amplifier
  • Furman power conditioner/sequencer


The new loudspeaker system provides high-level, intelligible sound for the entire stadium.  Both the stands and field are covered and the processing built into the amplifiers provides protection from overdriving the system.


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