Cherry Hill East High School Cafeteria Sound System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    September 2019 - Cherry Hill, NJ

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System Requirements

Cherry Hill East High School needed an upgrade for its cafeteria sound system.  Four small loudspeakers in the corners with an old amp did not provide enough coverage or level.  The system has to be simple, powerful, and budget-friendly.

System Design

Using QSC’s Acoustic Design loudspeakers, the AD-S10 model, we were able to cover the entire cafeteria with high-quality speech and music.  We kept the loudspeakers on the same wall for so the sound all came from the one side.

Featured Equipment
  • QSC AD-S10 Loudspeakers
  • Crown CDi2000 Amplifier
  • Denon rack-mount Mixer
  • Shure BLX-series Wireless Microphone
  • Furman power conditioner/sequencer


The new cafeteria sound system provides high-quality intelligible sound for the entire space and is simple to use for various operators.


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