Wisdom Diner Background Music System

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System Requirements

Wisdom Diner, located in Bordentown, New Jersey was looking to add a new background music system to provide low-level music for their guests.  Prior to the new audio system, a small radio on a counter served as the music source.  The staff wanted high-quality audio, beyond what a traditional paging loudspeaker could provide, as seen in many diners and restaurants.

System Design

For the background music system, our design team created a distributed layout using QSC’s Acoustic Coverage series ceiling loudspeakers.  These ceiling loudspeakers are budget-friendly and have a nice full sound, even at low levels.  The purpose of the system is to enhance the dining experience without causing a disruption to guests.

A compact JBL amplifier powers the loudspeakers and is located with the Sonos player at the front desk.  The staff can change the music and volume from their phone.

Featured Equipment:

QSC AC-C2T Ceiling Loudspeakers

JBL CSM Commercial Mixer

Sonos Player


The new background music system provides low-level ambient music for guests.  The control of the system is simple and the entire diner is evenly covered with audio.


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