Bordentown Middle School Auditorium Video System

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System Requirements

Bordentown Middle School was in need of a permanently installed auditorium video system.  The new system would be used for events and presentations.

The existing system was comprised of a 30-year old screen and a small projector on a cart, which required wires to be draped across the floor.

The school wanted to have a large projection screen, and inputs in the front of the stage and sound booth.

System Design

As part of our auditorium video system design, we took laser and light measurements.  Our team determined the lumen requirements for the projector and the correct projection screen size.  We reviewed the vertical space on stage for the screen, as well as the ambient light in the auditorium.

Equipment list:

Eiki 6,000 lumen projector

DaLite Tensioned Electric Projection Screen

Atlona video input plates, providing VGA and HDMI connectivity on the front of the stage, and in the sound booth.

Creston BPC-8 wall controller for simple control of the projector.


The new auditorium video system is used often for presentations and events and has eliminated the need to wheel out equipment and provides a larger and brighter image.

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