Bishop Eustace High School Baseball and Softball Fields

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    April 2016

  • Category

    Athletic Venues, Baseball Field Sound Systems

System Requirements

Bishop Eustace High School required permanent outdoor PA systems for their baseball and softball fields.  Each field needed coverage for the bleachers and on the field.  Since only one field sound system is used at a time, a portable rack was needed that could connect to either field.

System Design

We utilized Community Loudspeakers R-series for both fields, opting for the R.25 model which is compact, powerful and budget-friendly.  They were easy to mount to the backstop and provide coverage for all of the areas needed.  A simple outdoor input plate allows the operator the ability to connect the portable rack to either system.  The rack features a QSC amplifier with a simple mixer, Shure wireless microphone, and connection for a phone or iPod to play music.


The new PA systems eliminated the need to bring out portable units previously used and now provides reliable, high-quality speech and music reinforcement.