Allentown High School Stadium Sound System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    August 2018

  • Category

    Athletic Venues, Stadiums

  • Location

    Allentown, NJ

System Requirements

Allentown High School needed a new stadium sound system, as the current system of horns and a paging amplifier, had failed.

System Design

Using EASE Focus, we designed a new pressbox-based speaker system.  We used a Google Earth satellite image to create the optimal layout for the best sound.  Our design team utilized Community’s R-series speakers which are design for this exact application.

    • Community R.5-94Z, R.5HP, and R.15COAX Loudspeakers
    • QSC PLD-series amplifier
    • Rack-mount mixer
    • Shure Wireless Microphone System


The new sound system provides high-quality speech and music reinforcement for the entire stadium.

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