Audio Video Consultants

JD Sound & Video are leading audio-video consultants providing quality consulting services across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Our certified design team can provide you with a variety of audio-video consulting services, including preparing a formal design, reviewing existing designs, construction documents, DSP programming, and project management. We have extensive experience consulting for Churches, Schools, Businesses, and Government Entities.
Audiovisual (AV) facilities are a part of everyday life. Whether presenting in a small meeting room or in a conference hall, speaking via video link to a colleague on the other side of the world, enjoying close-ups of the action on a giant screen at a football match, pursuing a course of study via distance learning, or viewing an interactive video wall in an art gallery, we are reliant on high-quality, reliable and user-friendly audiovisual technology.
We provide expert consultancy to support our clients’ businesses with AV technology that is appropriate to their needs. Our wide-ranging expertise developed across all commercial sectors.

Certified Design Team

Our consulting team is lead by one of our principals, Anthony Musumeci.  For almost fourteen years, Anthony worked as a consultant on a variety of audio-video projects and also served as a project manager for the end-users ensuring the projects were installed properly and on time.  Anthony has extensive experience with AUTOCAD, A/V design, project management, and writing project specifications. 


Along with Joe, and Brian, there is over 60 years of combined experience.



APS Drawing - Audio Video Consultants

Engineered Drawings

Our team can create system drawings including functionals, rack elevations, device locations, risers, and wire pull sheets.

Theater Sound System Design - Audio Video Consultants

3D Sound System Modeling

We can create acoustical and sound system models of your space to predict the performance of a loudspeaker system. We use various software programs to create a 2D or 3D model, and can place loudspeakers to ensure even coverage and high intellibility.

Audio Video Consultants

DSP Programming

Our certified programmers create custom DSP programs for a variety of products. We design DSP files for sound systems, audio conferencing, and routing systems. We specialize in QSC's QSYS platform.

What is audio video consulting?

Audio-video consulting reviews all of the current AV systems in place, and provides analysis for upgrading existing technologies or providing new AV solutions to meet your needs.

This process helps to ensure ease of use, efficient operation, and the optimal selection of professional-grade audio visual equipment that will provide reliable results within your facility. We offer professional A/V consulting services for businesses throughout NJ, PA and DE.