One of our specialties is designing and installing outdoor stadium sound systems.  Whether it is a basic press box system, or a large-scale system with pole-mounted loudspeakers, our design team and certified installers are up for the challenge.  In addition to stadiums, check out our other athletic venue systems, such as gyms, weight rooms, dance studios, and more!

Frequently Asked Stadium Sound System Questions

Our loudspeaker solutions are designed to live outside all year, regardless of the weather.

There are several ways to accomplish this.  The most common way is to use a long-throw loudspeaker on the home side and “shoot” the sound across.  The downside with this method is that the sound will carry further, so nearby homes will have high sound levels.


The next way is installing smaller loudspeakers on the visitor side.  This requires a mount point, conduit, and a long wire run which is not always feasible. 

Using larger loudspeakers, or adding subwoofers can help with bass response in your system.  Our main goal with all system designs is to provide high-quality music and speech reinforcement. 

We use Google Earth to look at nearby neighborhoods to see about potential sound spill.