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JD Sound and Video has built a solid reputation with athletic venues and over the years, we have completed many unique projects and continue to be the go-to company for custom audio, video, and PA systems for gyms, stadiums, arenas, aquatic centers, weight rooms and more.

We provide custom sound, paging, PA, and video sound systems for:

  • Football Stadiums
  • Baseball and Soccer Fields
  • Gyms
  • Weight Rooms
  • Fitness Centers
  • Pools and Aquatic Centers
  • Dance Studios

Proudly Installing One Systems, Community Loudspeakers, Danley Sound Labs, JBL Professional, and QSC.

The best sound and video solutions for your gymnasium, arena, stadium or field.

We can help with everything from a simple microphone, to a complete sound system.  Every system is custom designed for your venue, and we provide full training and support.

Our designs included easy-to-use controls, such as touch screens, and we select loudspeakers that are loud and clear, so every fan gets the best audio experience.

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Higher Education

Rowan University
Haverford College
Immaculata University
Widener University
The College of New Jersey
Flyer’s Locker Room at Wells Fargo Center


Eastern Regional High School
Kingsway Regional High School
Shawnee High School
South Brunswick High School
Souderton High School
Bishop Eustace High School
Haddonfield High School
Cherry Hill West High School
Cherry Hill East High School
Gateway Regional High School
Paul VI High School
Winslow High School
Williamstown High School
Triton High School
Highland High School
Haddon Heights High School
Audubon High School
Washington Township High School
Haddonfield High School
Burlington City High School
Hightstown High School
Clearview Regional High School
Manchester High School
Point Pleasant Borough High School
Passaic County Technical High School
Monsignor Donovan High School
Lenape High School
Allentown High School
Wall High School
Arthur L. Johnson High School

Gymnasiums and Arena Sound and Video Systems

Gymnasiums are highly reverberant spaces and are used for gym classes, pep rallies, and sporting events.  A properly designed gym sound system should be able to cover the bleachers and floor and provide guests with intelligible sound.  We create computer models to ensure that not only your fans can hear, but so can your athletes.  With hard walls, floors, and reflective ceilings, it is important to keep reflections to a minimum to ensure the sound is intelligible.

JD Sound and Video has designed custom sound and PA systems for small gymnasiums which seat 200 people all the way up to arenas that seat over 5,000.  Our systems provide exceptional audio quality with clear intelligibility and music reproduction to spectators in all seating areas.

While the sound is a major part of the experience in your venue, so is video.  We have installed video walls with reinforced glass screens as well as a projector and electric screen solutions for video playback.

We can provide a complete audio and video gymnasium solution for all sizes and budgets from K-12 through University size athletic buildings.

We are dealers of a variety of world-class brands such as Community Professional Loudspeakers, QSC, Danley Sound Labs, and JBL professional.

Gym Sound System

Weight Rooms

Weight Room Sound Systems often have to provide high-impact sound without being too disruptive. 

These systems often have to support multiple connection options as various phones and devices are used to stream music.  Sometimes WiFi or RF systems are needed some users can tune in with their phone to listen to music, or stream the audio from a TV.

Stadiums and Outdoor Fields

A specialty which sets JD Sound and Video apart from our competition is our work with outdoor sound and PA systems.  Each year, our team installs custom stadium sound systems as well as systems for baseball fields, and outdoor arenas.  From small PA systems to large scale high-output sound systems, we can work with any venue.

There are a lot of factors which go into the design and installation of an outdoor sound system.

Weather not only affects the components which are installed but how sound is transmitted.  We utilize outdoor loudspeakers from Community Professional Loudspeakers and Danley Sound Labs which are products that are designed to live outdoors and provide outstanding sound quality.  In our designs, we take into account the temperature and humidity which can affect how sound travels.

Surrounding buildings and neighborhoods need to be considered both from a noise ordinance standpoint and from a possible reflection source which can affect sound quality.  When we design an outdoor sound system, we take into consideration if there are any large structures which will reflect sound back and work to avoid that.  Additionally, using computer modeling, we can predict the sound level in nearby neighborhoods to see if there will be any problems with noise "spilling" into that area.

Mounting Locations are often limited outdoors and the few that exist need to be evaluated for their structural capacity to not only support the weight of what is being mounted but taking into account wind load and other factors.  We will only use certified rigging and mounting products and exclusively use Polar Focus pole mounts when securing loudspeakers to light poles.

Stadium Sound System

Pools and Aquatic Centers

While similar to a gymnasium as an indoor venue, pools and aquatic center sound systems present a challenge in that they are often humid locations with moisture and other elements that affect the sound transmission as well as which components can be used.  Our pool sound system designs take factor all of these conditions.

We use outdoor rated loudspeakers which are designed for the conditions.

All plates are stainless steel with rubber covers as needed.

We utilize a secure, ventilated closet or room, often outside of the pool area for the equipment rack.

Dance Studios

Our Dance studio sound systems provide high-level clear music, with good bass.  We also realize dance studios sometimes are not standalone and have neighbors to be mindful of.  Our design team can help provide a system that provides good music reproduction without disrupting nearby facilities.