The best sound system for your pool or swim club.

We offer sound & audio visual systems for outdoor pools, swim clubs as well as  indoor pools and aquatic centers.

We provide custom-designed commercial pool sound systems featuring JBL, QSC, Danley Loudspeakers, and Community Loudspeakers.

Audio Visual Systems Solution Service

Background music systems for ambiance.

Landscape loudspeakers.

Paging microphones for front desks and concessions.

High-output sound systems for events, parties and swim meets.

Free consultation for your pool or swim club a/v needs.

Indoor Pools and Aquatic Centers

Indoor pool sound systems require a unique approach to design a proper sound system. 

Often, indoor pools and aquatic centers are large, open spaces with hard floors, walls and ceiling which create a lot of reflections.

We use acousting modeling programs to create a design that provides intelligble sound for your space.  We will make recomendations for acoustic treatments as well to further enhance the audio quality.

Although inside, humidity, tempature and pool chemicals are taken into considertation when selecting products.

Outdoor Pools and Swim Clubs

Outdoor pools and swim clubs often need a background music system, which provides low-level music for guests throughout the venue.  Sometimes, we integrate paging for announcements.

Background music systems usually require distributed loudspeakers throughout your space.  We offer landscape and planter loudspeakers, as well as small surface-mount loudspeakers.

When higher-level sound is needed, we will look at larger loudspeakers, which often need to be mounted on a pole or building structure.

Regardless of your needs, our design team has extensive experience with commercial pool sound systems.