Sound and Video Systems for Auditoriums, Theaters and Performance Spaces

We provide custom commercial sound, audio and video systems for auditoriums, theaters, and performance spaces. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing system or require a complete design/build package, we will work with you on a solution to fit your venue and budget. We use computer modeling to ensure that regardless where your audience is seated, they can see and hear clearly. We also ensure any new equipment does not affect sight lines or interfere with lighting or video projection. Sound System for School hall.

Our systems range from small 250-seat auditoriums to 2,500-seat performing arts centers.


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Audio Video Solutions for Auditoriums

  • High-quality loudspeakers and complete sound systems including line arrays
  • Delay and ceiling loudspeakers
  • Mixing consoles - the latest digital models
  • Wireless microphone systems
  • Assisted listening systems
  • Projectors, screens and video distribution systems

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Auditorium Sound Systems

Our auditorium sound system solutions include a comprehensive design process.

Our designs focus on the following:

  • Enhance the spoken word, and ensure music sounds natural.
  • Provide even coverage throughout the space.
  • Ensure the system is easy to use.


Auditorium Video Systems

Our auditorium video systems include projectors, displays, and video walls.

During the design phase, we take into account:

  • Screen size and position
  • If using a projector, ensuring the model selected has enough lumens
  • Input locations for connecting a laptop or DVD player

How to Select the Best Auditorium Sound and Video System 

Select an AV company based on the following:

  • Work with a company that uses reliable, modern equipment with brands that are industry known.
  • Your AV company should be prompt at all times, even during your initial meetings. This is a test of their professionalism and how reliable they will be during the actual installation.
  • The project and account managers assigned to your event should always be prompt and professional in their communication.
  • Select an AV company with staff and crew who are all knowledgeable and experienced.

JD Sound and Video is your expert audio-video systems integrator. We have the expertise and the tech know-how to ensure you get only the best sound and sight for your venue. Our equipment is all modern and state-of-art, ready to design and build the optimum audio-video system you need. Our team uses advanced computer modeling technologies to check that every person in the audience will have the best sound and sight experience wherever they’re seated.