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Restaurants and Diners

We offer a variety of audio/video solutions to enhance the experience in restaurants and diners.

Background music systems are the most common solution, which offers low-level music throughout the dining area to for enhance ambiance.  Typically, we installed distributed loudspeakers and tune them to be at an audibile level, without disrputing conversations.

Digital signage offers the ability to display menus, offers as well as advertisements.



Bars and Breweries

We work small and large venues, both private and corporate owned offering a variety of custom audio/visual solutions.

Our digital signage solutions are perfect on displaying upcoming events, or for use as a menu boards with the day's special or the newest batch.

Our background and foreground music solutions provide low-level music to enhance the atmosphere, and can tie into your cable box for use during a game or event.  For live music and parties, our systems are designed to handle higher levels without distortion.

Our surveillance systems can provide a view of your entire space including point-of-sale locations, and entrance/exit locations.

We provide and install displays and cable distribution systems that can be controlled from an iPad or table - making it easy for your staff to manage everything.


Country Clubs

JD Sound and Video works with a variety of country clubs throughout NJ, PA and DE.

We offer digital signage solutions, perfect for your lobby or proshop and other high-traffic area.

Our custom control solutions are perfect for lounges, bars, cigar rooms and ballrooms.  Simple touch screen interfaces make it easy for any staff member, or guest, to control various a/v systems.

Our background music systems provide low-level audio throughout your space to provide a nice ambiance.

Our pool sound systems include landscape loudspeakers and compact loudspeakers that provide high-level sound, without being obtrusive or distracting.