With the way we interact, communicate and worship changing, the ability to stream meetings, presentations and worship has become a critical element.

We have a variety of options to help you and your organization get set up with a streaming system. 

Our Streaming Products

Streaming for your Business Or Church

Our design team can help your business or business with the latest streaming options. 

We will evaluate the camera location, audio interface options and encoder to get your presentation, meeting or worship service online.

While many products are on extended back-ordered, our team has solutions to get your streaming right away.

PTZ Camera


We have various fixed and PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras for different needs.

Video Switchers

We carry a variety of video switchers to handle multiple camera and sources.  Sometimes a switcher is just for streaming, and other times they can be used for live production.  We can help with HDMI vs. SDI and select the best solution for your setup.

PTZ Camera Controller

Camera Controllers

We offer hard-wired joy-stick based camera controllers, as well as wireless camera control with an iPad app.  

Frequently asked streaming questions

A PTZ camera, also known as a “pan-tilt-zoom” camera is able to move around as well as zoom in on an area or person.  These are often coupled with a joystick controller, though some cameras can be controlled with a remote or iPad.

An encoder is a piece or hardware or software feature which allows you take audio and video and embed it to your streaming service.  The type you need depends on several factors and we can help you select one that best matches your system.