Sound System Solutions

JD Sound and Video specializes in designing and installing commercial sound systems for any type of venues.

From small meeting and community spaces to large outdoor stadiums, our design and install team is ready to tackle any sound system project.

When we design a sound system, we have several objectives:

  • Coverage (minimal variation of sound level throughout the venue)
  • Sound pressure level (appropriate volume for the venue with proper headroom.)
  • Intelligibility (clear and understandable sound)

Some of the industries we serve:

-Houses of Worship

-Athletic Venues

-Theaters and Auditoriums

-Hospitality/Community Spaces

-Government and Municipalities


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Sound System Design


Sound System Products and Solutions

Line Arrays Systems
Mixing Consoles
Wireless Microphone Systems
Assisted Listening Systems
Background Music System

Custom Sound System Design with EASE and EASE Focus

Sound System Commissioning with SMAART and Systune Software

Sound System FAQs

A Background Music System in a commercial environment is a music playback system that plays continuous background music, normally via a distributed public address audio system. It may include an element of zoning so volume levels are suitable for each area or zone of an environment. The music selection for a commercial background music system may also be profiled for a particular brand, venue or building so music that plays is suitable and automatically updated for the venue. Repeats within such a system are minimized (which helps staff and visitors) and can be interspersed with live broadcasts, adverts and if required staff training/company announcements.
Sound Reinforcement (much like a public address system) is the art of using an audio system to enable an audience (of one or more) to listen to a speech or musical performance (which may be live or pre-recorded) with clarity, that they may not otherwise be able to hear due to physical (building or other) or people (large numbers) constraints. A well-designed sound reinforcement system should deliver a constant sound pressure level (SPL) over the entire listening area as well as a constant frequency response. This should be achieved by ensuring sound signals are delivered in proper directivity patterns using point source or line array loudspeakers accurately aligned and positioned to ensure phase interferences between each are kept to a minimum.
Delay loudspeakers are installed to reinforce the main loudspeakers in a sound system. These are often used in large spaces where the main loudspeakers cannot reach the back of the room.