Cape May Police Academy Audio/Video System

System Requirements

With social distancing requirements, the Cape May Police Academy had to spread their recruits to an overflow classroom.  The issue they ran into was getting clear and reliable audio and video between each room.  They first tried using laptops with a conferencing app, but there were delays and lags which caused disruptions to the classes.  They needed a system that worked independently off of the network and would allow for clear two-way audio/visual communcation.

System Design

The system design accounted for the room sizes, and the need to have clear audio with no echo.  We designed the system around Shure’s MXA series microphone.  We selected the 4′ 710 model, which was mounted to the ceiling in the far classroom.  This allowed the instructor in the far classroom the ability to hear questions and comments from recruits.  The instructor wears a wireless microphone which broadcasts locally through the existing sound system as well into the far end classroom.  A QSC Core 8 Flex processor handles all of the routing and processing for the entire system.

Featured Equipment
  • Shure MXA710 linear array microphone
  • QSC Core 8 Flex digital signal processor
  • PTZOptics Z Cam


The new system allows the instructor to hear questions and comments from the far end classroom, while the recruits in the far classroom can see and hear the instructor clearly.  The system is easy to use and requires minimal user interface.

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Outdoor PA System - Sea Isle NJ

Sea Isle NJ Promenade Outdoor PA System

System Requirements

The outdoor PA system for Sea Isle’s promenade had to provide intelligible audio for public safety announcements.  The town had no way of broadcasting announcements to residents and guests along the promenade, which became a safety issue.

The components had to be able to work in the salt air conditions and allow for live or prerecorded announcements.

System Design

Working with the Community Loudspeakers, the engineering and construction firm, we selected the R.15 cabinets which were attached to custom arms on the new lights poles.  These compact, outdoor speakers are ideal for outdoor PA systems.

A total of four circuits were pulled to the lights poles to allow for future zone control if desired.  A battery back up provides temporary use of the system in the event of power loss.

Equipment list:

45 Community R.15COAX outdoor loudspeakers

QSC CXD 4.5 amplifier

Allen & Heath GR4 zone mixer

Middle Atlantic UPS battery back up


The new outdoor PA system provides clear announcements with simple control for the town.

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Contractor: Delta Line Construction

Engineer: Maser Consulting

Owner:  Sea Isle, NJ 

Bordentown Armory Sound System – Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

System Requirements

The Bordentown Armory has a large, open space that they wanted to have outfitted with permanent sound equipment.  The current setup was comprised of powered loudspeakers on stands, which they wanted to have mounted on the wall.

System Design

We relocated the mixer and wireless microphones to an equipment shelf in the network closet.

The loudspeakers were mounted to the wall with manufacturer-provided brackets.

We installed permanent input plates for wired microphones.


The new system provides better coverage and eliminated the cables all over the floor.

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State of NJ Assembly Chambers

State of NJ – Assembly Chambers

System Requirements

The system had to control over 80 microphones.

System Design

After a successful deployment of Q-SYS in the Senate chambers, the state opted to utilize this platform for the new audio control and processing system in the Assembly Chambers.


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Council Room Sound System

Norristown Council Room

The municipality of Norristown needed an updated audio reinforcement and microphone system for their council chambers which is used for training, presentations, and meetings.  The original system was over 20 years old and was not intelligible.

The new system features a Shure discussion microphone system which provides each council member with their own gooseneck microphone and individual loudspeaker.

A simple “talk” button allows each person to turn their microphone on or off.  The audience area is reinforced by Community ENTASYS column loudspeakers, powered by a QSC amplifier and processed by an Atlas digital signal processor.

The system also features assisted listening, recording capabilities and wireless microphones.

A Barco projector was also added to the system with ClickShare which enables anyone to wirelessly transmit video to the projector from anywhere in the room.

State of NJ – Capitol Building

JD Sound and Video is proud to hold the contract for servicing and maintaining all of the audio, video and control systems for the New Jersey Capitol Building.  This includes preventative maintenance, repair, and training.