Cafeteria Audio System

Clearview Middle School Cafeteria Audio System

System Requirements

The new cafeteria audio system for Clearview Middle School had to provide even sound coverage and clear announcements.  The existing sound system tied into the paging loudspeakers that were installed when the school was built.  These loudspeakers did not provide enough coverage and were not clear, especially over the noise during lunches.

System Design

When designing an audio system for a cafeteria, we take into account the sound levels during lunches, as announcements will need to be clear and understandable.  Our design team took laser measurements of the cafeteria and used software to create a layout of distributed ceiling loudspeakers.  This ensured even sound coverage throughout for the best possible cafeteria audio system.

Equipment list:

  • Community ceiling loudspeakers
  • Crown CDi-series amplifier
  • Shure SLX-series wireless microphone
  • Furman power conditioner
  • Middle Atlantic locking equipment rack


The new cafeteria audio system has been a huge improvement for the staff and students.  Announcements are clear, without being too loud.  It is easy for staff to connect their phone or microphone within the cafeteria and the wireless microphone allows for the staff to move around freely.

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Elementary School Sound System

Lower Alloways Creek Elementary School

System Requirements

The new sound system for the Lower Alloways Creek Elementary School had to provide high-quality music reinforcement for daily gym classes, as well as clear and even coverage for speech during presentations and performances.

System Design

Our sound system design was based around a left/right column design which provides even coverage and works for both music during gym classes and for performances.

Featured Equipment
  • JBL CBT column loudspeakers with low-frequency extensions
  • JBL dual 10″ subwoofers
  • QSC TouchMix digital mixer with wireless iPad control
  • Furman power conditioner/sequencer


The new sound system has been a welcomed addition for the staff, students, and parents.  The physical education department no longer has to wheel out a portable sound system and for musical and dramatic performances, parents can hear clearly in the front and back rows.  With the wireless iPad control of the mixer, the system is easily controllable anywhere in the room without wires.