Gym Speaker System nj

Williamstown High School Gymnasium Sound System

System Requirements

Williamstown High School has a large gymnasium with seven sections of bleachers and a balcony area.  The original system, installed when the school was built, consisted of three hanging loudspeakers.  This layout didn’t cover many areas of the gym, wasn’t loud enough for events, and the building announcements were unclear.  The athletic director, who recently transferred from a school where we outfitted their gym with a new system, brought us in to design a new system.  After providing a demo to the administration, we were awarded the project.

System Design

After taking laser measurements of the gym, we worked with the technical applications group at Community Loudspeakers to come up with a system design to cover the entire gym.  Using acoustical modeling software, we determined the optimal layout with loudspeaker angles and coverage areas.

Equipment list:

17 Community R.5 loudspeakers

3 Community iS215 subwoofers flown from the ceiling

Rane HAL digital processor

QSC amplifier

Shure SLX wireless microphones


The new gymnasium sound system provides outstanding sound quality for the entire space and allows for simple zone control.

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Weight Room Sound System

John F. Kennedy High School Weight Room Sound System

System Requirements

John F. Kennedy High School, located in Iselin, NJ needed a new weight room sound system.  The system had to provide high-quality music reinforcement with a simple interface.

Powered speakers were required to eliminate the need for a rack with equipment.

System Design

A pair of powered QSC’s K12 loudspeakers were the ideal choice for a weight room sound system.  Their high-power output, built-in amplifier, and available yokes made them perfect for the project.  They feature a 12″ woofer, so there is good bass reproduction.

Featured Equipment
  • QSC K12 powered loudspeakers
  • Whirlwind MIP-series audio input plate


The new sound system provides high-quality music throughout the space with a simple connection interface.

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stadium sound system nj

Wall High School Stadium Sound System

System Requirements

The new stadium sound system for Wall High School had to provide high-quality speech and music reinforcement for the home stands, field, the visitor stands as well as the concession area. Multiple modes of operation were needed for various types of events including graduation.

System Design

A computer model of pressbox and pole-mounted loudspeakers proved to be the best design.

Featured Equipment
  • Community’s R-series loudspeakers
  • QSC PLD Amplifiers
  • QSC’s Q-SYS Control system
  • Shure BLX-R Wireless microphone system
  • Furman remote and rack-mounted sequencers


The new system provides great sound for the entire stadium.

Field Sound System

Haverford College Swan Field Sound System

System Requirements

The new Swan field sound system for Haverford College had to provide coverage for the entire field including the bleachers across from the coach’s box.  Due to the nearby buildings hosting classes and several local homes, the sound level at the property line had to be within the local noise ordinance.

System Design

Using detailed plans with Google Earth and EASE, a model was created ensuring that the desired quality and level can be provided without disrupting people not on the field.

Featured Equipment
  • Community Loudspeakers R2 and R.5 models
  • Polar Focus custom pole mount brackets
  • QSC CXD amplifiers
  • Rane HAL digital signal processor with RAD input and output plates
  • Shure QLX-D wireless microphones
  • Furman remote and rack-mounted sequencers


The new field sound system provides high-quality sound and simple control with the option for turning zones on and off, to help prevent interfering with nearby classes or residents.