Vaughan Hall Sound System – Medford Lakes NJ

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    December 2019

  • Category

    Community Spaces

System Requirements

Vaughan Hall, located in Medford Lakes, NJ is a multi-purpose space.  The hall serves as a gymnasium, events center as well as performance venue as it features a full-size stage.  Founded in 1927, Medford Lakes Colony is a non-profit organization that organizes social, community, and recreational activities for the town of Medford Lakes, NJ.  The new hall sound system had to provide both speech and music reinforcement for the variety of community and sporting events hosted.

System Design

The hall sound system had to take into account the size of the room and the many purposes it would serve.  After taking laser measurements of the room, our design team came confirmed a pair of JBL CBT column loudspeakers would provide coverage for the entire space.  A dual 10″ subwoofer on one side would provide additional bass.

Equipment list:


The new hall sound system has been a welcomed addition and is used frequently by members.

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