St. John’s Baptist Church Sound System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    January 2020

  • Category

    Houses of Worship

  • Location

    Ewing, NJ

System Requirements

St. John’s Baptist Church in Ewing, NJ needed a new sound system that would enhance the coverage and quality of audio in the sanctuary.  Their existing system was comprised of two DJ loudspeakers mounted on the wall with an older analog mixing console.

System Design

Using EASE Focus, we created a sound system layout with Community’s I-Series loudspeakers.  The proof of concept showed we could get even coverage front to back, and side to side.  We then provided an on-site demo and let the congregation hear the proposed loudspeakers.

Featured Equipment:

    • Community Professional Loudspeakers I-Series
    • Community ALC-1604 Amplifiers
    • QSC TouchMix30 Digital Mixer
    • Shure BLX-R Wireless Microphones
    • Furman Power Conditioner and Sequencer


The new sound system has been a huge improvement.  The Pastor is easily heard and the choir sounds natural.  The various modes on the mixer simplify operation.

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