Spirit of Philadelphia and Freedom Elite Sound System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    July 2018

  • Category


  • Location

    Philadelphia, PA

System Requirements

For the Freedom Yacht, a complete sound system overhaul was needed. New interior ceiling loudspeakers had to be cut into the existing metal ceiling tiles, painted to match and had to fit in a narrow space.

For the Spirit of Philadelphia, the initial phase addressed a new amplifier and providing a fan system to keep the equipment running cool during cruises.  Often when DJs would use the system for an event or party, the components would overheat which shut down the entire sound system on the main floor.

System Design

For the Freedom Yacht, our team lead with QSC which had high-quality, low-profile ceiling loudspeakers.  Our senior installer, Ray, used a nibble to widen the existing hole in the metal ceiling tiles.  Extra care was taken, especially since no extra tiles were available.

For the Spirit of Philadelphia, our team cut holes into the wooden side panels of the rack to install a fan system to bring cool air in, and remove hot air.  The fans run off of our thermostat and were properly specified based on the space in the rack the BTUs of the equipment.

Featured Equipment
  • QSC CXD and PLD Amplifiers
  • Allen and Heath rack-mount mixer
  • QSC low-profile ceiling loudspeakers
  • Furman power conditioner/sequencer


The new sound system for the Freedom Yacht provides guests with even coverage and high-quality sound.  The painted loudspeakers blend into the ceiling and the zone mixer provides greater flexibility.

The upgrade for the Spirit of Philadelphia provides reliable power without fear of the system overheating or failing.