Rowan University Soccer Stadium Sound System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    September 2018

  • Category

    Athletic Venues, Stadiums

System Requirements

The Rowan University soccer stadium was using a portable sound system for practices and games which required staff to wheel out large cases and run power and audio lines.  Aside from the task of doing this, the coverage and quality of the system were poor.  A new, permanent outdoor sound system was needed to provide sound for the entire stadium with simple controls.

System Design

Using EASE Focus, we created a model of the stadium to predict the performance of the proposed sound system.  We utilized Community’s R.5MAX series which provide exception speech and music reinforcement in a compact cabinet.  Utilizing Polar Focus mounts, we installed them on the main light poles to provide coverage for the field and bleachers.

Equipment list:

(4) Community R.5MAX Loudspeakers for the Field and Bleachers

(1) Community R.35 Loudspeaker for the Concession/Entrance Area

(1) QSC PLD4.5 Amplifier

(1) Shure BLX Handheld Wireless Microphone


The new sound provides outstanding speech and music reinforcement for the bleachers and field.