Merion Cricket Club Pool and Bar Audio System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    June 2020

  • Category

    Hospitality, Swim Clubs and Pools

System Requirements

The Merion Cricket Club completed a major renovation during the spring of 2020 which included a full-size pool with seating and pavilions along with an outdoor dining and bar area for members.  The new space needed a pool and bar audio system to enhance the experience for members.

System Design

Our design used the architectural plans and a scaled satellite photo to create a layout that provides coverage for the pool, dining, and bar areas with minimal sound spill into the neighborhood.

Equipment list:

11 JBL Control88 Outdoor landscape loudspeakers for the pool

8 QSC AD-S6 Loudspeakers for outdoor and bar audio system

2 QSC QC-C6T Ceiling loudspeakers for the covered bar area.

QSC MP-M80 Audio processor

Lab Gruppen E-Series Amplifier


The new system provides high-quality music for members and enhances the atmosphere for members and guests. 

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