Kingsway High School Gym Sound System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    July 2017

  • Category

    Athletic Venues, Gymnasiums

System Requirements

Kingsway High School needed a new gym sound system for their south gym because the old components no longer were working and did not meet the needs of the gym.  As the largest space in the building, it not only it utilized for gym classes and sporting events, but community events, presentations, and pep rallies.  The new gym sound system had to cover the entire gym with intelligible sound and provide full-range capabilities for music playback.

System Design

Using sound system modeling software, we created a model of their new high school gym sound system.

Equipment list:

(8) QSC ADS-12 loudspeakers for the bleachers

(4) QSC AD-S10 loudspeakers

(1) QSC GP-218 dual 18″ subwoofer

(2) QSC PLD-series amplifiers

(1) QSC Core 110f DSP

(2) Shure BLX-series wireless microphones


The new gym sound system provides high-quality music and speech reinforcement, with even coverage and deep bass.  The simple control makes the system approachable by various users and the wireless control allows for an operator to be anywhere in the room monitoring the system.


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