Haverford College Swan Field Sound System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    May 2015

  • Category

    Athletic Venues, Stadiums

System Requirements

The new Swan field sound system for Haverford College had to provide coverage for the entire field including the bleachers across from the coach’s box.¬† Due to the nearby buildings hosting classes and several local homes, the sound level at the property line had to be within the local noise ordinance.

System Design

Using detailed plans with Google Earth and EASE, a model was created ensuring that the desired quality and level can be provided without disrupting people not on the field.

Featured Equipment
  • Community¬†Loudspeakers R2 and R.5 models
  • Polar Focus custom pole mount brackets
  • QSC CXD amplifiers
  • Rane HAL digital signal processor with RAD input and output plates
  • Shure QLX-D wireless microphones
  • Furman remote and rack-mounted sequencers


The new field sound system provides high-quality sound and simple control with the option for turning zones on and off, to help prevent interfering with nearby classes or residents.