Freehold Township Senior Center Sound and Video System

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System Requirements

The Freehold Township Senior Center has a large open community space used for events, presentations, classes as well as rentals for private parties.  A new sound and video system was needed that was simple to use and provide high-quality audio and visual reproduction.

System Design

For audio, our team installed a distributed design of Community D6 ceiling loudspeakers in two zones, front, and back.  These loudspeakers provide exceptional speech and music reinforcement for the entire space.

For control and power, Ashly Audio’s PEMA amplifier/processor was used with a fader control interface.

A new 6,000 lumen Eiki projector provides a bright high-definition image on the existing screen.


The new sound and video system has been a huge improvement for the space and is used daily by staff, members and guests.

Regardless of where you are in the room, the audio level is even and clear.  The control system is simple and allows for easy operation by any user.


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