Deer Brook Swim Club Sound System

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    August 2009

  • Category

    Swim Clubs and Pools

  • Location

    Medford, NJ

System Requirements

The Deer Brook Swim Club, located in Medford, NJ needed a new swim club sound system for their pool area.  There were some old horns installed many years ago which did not work well.

System Design

We used EASE to create a computer model with loudspeakers on the roof.  This allowed us to predict the performance and check sound levels throughout the property.

To provide a secure location for equipment, we used a locking portable case in the office.

Featured Equipment:

Community R.5 loudspeakers

Community R2DF down-firing subwoofer

Crown Amplifiers

Shure Wireless Microphones


The new swim club sound system provides sound for the main pool, kid’s pool, and surrounding seated areas.  The system is used for background music, paging and swim meets.

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