Cape May Police Academy Audio/Video System

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    March 2021

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System Requirements

With social distancing requirements, the Cape May Police Academy had to spread their recruits to an overflow classroom.  The issue they ran into was getting clear and reliable audio and video between each room.  They first tried using laptops with a conferencing app, but there were delays and lags which caused disruptions to the classes.  They needed a system that worked independently off of the network and would allow for clear two-way audio/visual communcation.

System Design

The system design accounted for the room sizes, and the need to have clear audio with no echo.  We designed the system around Shure’s MXA series microphone.  We selected the 4′ 710 model, which was mounted to the ceiling in the far classroom.  This allowed the instructor in the far classroom the ability to hear questions and comments from recruits.  The instructor wears a wireless microphone which broadcasts locally through the existing sound system as well into the far end classroom.  A QSC Core 8 Flex processor handles all of the routing and processing for the entire system.

Featured Equipment
  • Shure MXA710 linear array microphone
  • QSC Core 8 Flex digital signal processor
  • PTZOptics Z Cam


The new system allows the instructor to hear questions and comments from the far end classroom, while the recruits in the far classroom can see and hear the instructor clearly.  The system is easy to use and requires minimal user interface.

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