How Houses Of Worship Can Redesign Audio And Visual Capacity To Meet Needs Of Social Distancing Era

How Houses Of Worship Can Redesign Audio And Visual Capacity To Meet Needs Of Social Distancing Era

As our community churches have been quickly learning better ways of reaching people with their services remotely during this pandemic, we are hoping that re-opening phases will be successful and that doors to important worship services can be reopened soon. Many churches are anticipating what social distancing services may look and sound like for the future, and are already making adjustments to their audio and visual capabilities to meet the needs of a changing worship landscape.

Opening The Doors

Several states have already begun opening doors to religious gatherings in phases, limiting building capacity and requiring certain health rules be strictly enforced. Churches, temples, and other houses of worship can welcome people back, however meeting the new demands of social distancing guidelines to keep people safe will require forethought and change.

New Audio & Visual Needs

With an upgraded, or even slight changes to your church’s audio and visual system, churches can maximize their entire space to ensure everyone can be included in the worship experience easily and safely. While not every church may need extensive new audio and visual system designs, some may do well to reimagine how their community will best receive their messaging.

Screen Assessment

Now that worshippers must sit further apart at services, as well as further away from the pulpit, churches should take a look at their existing screens or think about adding screens to their space. Check to see if the existing screens are large enough, if they should be increased in number and if their placement is best suited to meet the needs of those in the back. Adding multiple screens in various spaces around the worship center will also increase peoples ability to watch the service from anywhere in the buildings.

Sound System Fine Tuning

Sound systems can be tuned to meet the needs of less people who are further away from the speakers. Acoustics in a church can be muffled a great deal when it is filled to capacity, but with fewer people in the space, the sound from the audio systems may need to be adjusted to meed the current needs. Again, adding speakers and sound system capabilities to overflow areas of your church will enable all spaces of your worship center to be used as extra seating for services.

Opportunity To Grow

Upgrading and adding new and advanced audio and video systems to your place of worship is a necessary part of meeting the needs of our community’s current health crisis. Being able to welcome people safely back is of utmost importance, and churches must rise to the occasion.

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